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In 1917 a forward-thinking group of people created a professional association of occupational therapists (AOTA) in order to promote the use of occupation as a powerful healing modality, including supporting research and advocacy for the fledgling group. This founding also set in motion a 100 year (and counting) project of work by a dedicated association staff and volunteer occupational therapy professionals to ensure occupational therapy has defined and observable worth to law and policy makers, medical system administrators, insurers, health organizations, and people who benefit from OT services. The New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association (NMOTA) was established in order to protect and support the concept of occupation as health on a local and statewide basis.

It would be a grave error to suppose that occupational therapists can practice and be paid for their services only because one has education, training, competence examination, and licensing to practice. To the point: AOTA made this possible for you.

Occupational therapists are only able to practice because professional membership associations like AOTA and NMOTA exist to provide evidence and persuade decision-makers to include occupational therapy as a paid benefit in federal, public, and private realms. From the inclusion of occupational therapy in veteran’s rehabilitation during World War I and II, to the present Essential Health Benefits inclusion of occupational therapy as a mandated service, and now, the recognition of OT as mental health providers: your privilege to practice and draw top wages is predicated on the work of others who believed firmly and durably in the work you do.

The work of 100 years is not done, it is ongoing. New threats and present dangers threaten to un-ravel the goal of healthcare for all people, and will certainly jeopardize the careers of those who work within health systems (it has happened before). It requires funding, strategic action, and the power of membership to respond effectively.

The only question is, are you willing to support the associations that enable you to work, get paid, and serve others? The answer should be an unequivocal YES.

Membership with the NMOTA is affordable, and certainly worth giving up something of lesser value in the short-term in order to secure the greater value of your future in the long term. 

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