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This information is from a previous newsletter item on OTA Supervision

The full text of the supervision rules and regulations can be found in the New Mexico Statutes, Article 12A, Title 16, Chapter 15, Part 3. NMOTA encourages you to read them. However, we will highlight some of the items that need to be in a good plan of supervision. 

You can also Check the attached document for the NEW Supervision rules, and a supervision plan template.

 2015 OTA Supervision Rules

1. Supervision of an occupational therapy assistant depends on the complexity of client needs,
2. Number and diversity of clients,
3. The skills of the OT and OTA,
4. The type of practice setting,
5. Requirements of the practice setting,
6. Other regulatory requirements (for instance Medicaid or Medicare).

The specific frequency, methods, and content of supervision may vary depending on the above factors. For example, an entry-level OTA will probably need greater frequency of supervision and assistance than an OTA who has been in practice many years (unless the OTA is transitioning into a new and unfamiliar setting). Above all, OTs and OTAs need to ensure the supervision is adequate for safe and effective delivery of OT services.

The new rule gives flexibility on how supervision is documented. It can include face to face, telephone, teleconferencing, and email. These forms of facilitating communication must provide for the confidentiality of the client or patient's protected health information.

The OT and OTA must document the plan and the supervision contacts. Documentation must include:
1. Frequency of supervisory contacts
2. Method or type of supervision.
3. What was addressed during supervision (issues, concerns, topics).
4. AND, the names and credentials of the persons participating in the supervisory process.
OTAs who are members of AOTA can find resources on supervision, including ethical considerations at:

Examples of supervision templates that might help OTs and OTAs create forms that work for their workplace:

Tennessee (many of the required elements show up on this template, but doesn't address practice setting, client mix, or experience level of supervised OTA)






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